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iStock_000012889061XSmallWhy get married at the beach?

Think about it for a second.  Is there any sound more intoxicating than that of ocean waves rolling to and from the sandy shore?  Is there any feeling more beguiling than the ocean breeze against your skin and the sand beneath your feet?  Is there any vision more spectacular than a painted sky of red, blue, purple, pink, and orange as the sun sets its sleepy head over the water?  Or one as captivating as the subtle, quiet enchantment of the sun rising above the ocean as a new day dawns?  Now, let’s combine any or all of these feelings, sounds, and visions with a wedding ceremony and what evolves is nothing less than a wondrous, romantic occasion.

Nature has provided a ready-made stunning backdrop that mere humans could not ever hope to duplicate.  All the decorations already are in place, and they are spectacular.  Plus, you have just saved a bundle of cash!

The beach is large and vast so you are not limited by the number of guests you can invite to witness your nuptials.  There is plenty of space for everybody and anybody.

The word, "beach," in and of itself immediately brings to mind other words like "relaxed," "romantic," "casual," and "fun."

You already are at a perfect place for your honeymoon. 

Your friends and family might think the two of you really are quite clever to have thought of the idea of combining your wedding with a vacation at the beach.

A beach wedding can be casual and relaxed.  A beach wedding can be an  intimate joining with only the two of you (oh, and me, of course!).  Or a beach wedding can be a fun-filled sunset ceremony, complete with all the trimmings – a wedding party, music, flowers, and every family member and friend the two of you have there to witness your celebration of love and commitment to each other.

In short, a beach wedding ceremony can be anything and everything you want it to be.

So, the question now becomes:   "Why not get married at the beach?"