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How to Obtain Your South Carolina Marriage License

Marriage License FAQ's

ID Requirement

You will need to show your drivers license (or voter registration card, birth certificate or passport) and social security card. 

Residency Requirement
You do not have to be a resident of South Carolina.

Previous Marriages
Proof of divorce is not needed.

Covenant Marriage Option

Waiting Period in South Carolina
There is a twenty-four (24) hour waiting period. Because of the 24-hour waiting period, if you want to get married on a weekend, make sure you apply for your license by Thursday.

Fees in South Carolina
The fees charged to get married in South Carolina vary from county to county.

Other Tests
No blood test required.

Proxy Marriages

Cousin Marriages

Same Sex Marriages

Under 18
Applicants under the age of eighteen (18) will need a certified copy of his or her birth certificate and a notarized statement of parental consent. The parent or legal guardian has to also appear at the same time as the minor to show their identification and to sign the parental consent form.  Both applicants must be at least sixteen (16) years of age for the issuance of a marriage license.  The only exception to the age and consent requirements is if the female applicant is pregnant, in which event special instructions should be obtained from the Probate Court prior to submitting an application.


 A South Carolina marriage license is valid for six months from date of issuance. If not used within the six month period, the application process, including payment of fee, must be repeated in its entirety.

Applying for a Marriage License

In Horry County, Conway is the county seat, and that's where you'll need to apply for and then receive your marriage license. Marriage licenses are issued by the Probate Court Office (843) 915-5370.  It's in the County Courthouse at 1301 Second Avenue, Conway. Marriage licenses are issued between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, but the office is open until 5:00 p.m.

To receive a marriage license from the Horry County Probate Court:

1) both parties must visit the court in person to apply for a marriage application;

2) file a statement, under oath or affirmation, that the persons seeking the contract of matrimony are legally entitled to marry, together with the full names of the persons, their ages and their places of residence;

3) pay the appropriate fee; and

4) observe the 24-hour waiting period.

Marriage licenses are public records and are open to the public during regular business hours. Here are the fees:

Marriage License Fees for Horry County:

County residents $50.00

State residents $75.00

Out of state and all others $100.00

Alternatively, Couples planning to be married along the Grand Strand, may want to consider obtaining their marriage license from the Probate Court in our sister county, Georgetown.  The fee for obtaining a marriage license in Georgetown County is $40, regardless of your residence.